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Terms of Service


Thank you for purchasing an offer from WasserchRaft. With the unreserved acceptance of your registration with us or another booking place between you and WasserchRaft GmbH a contract. These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of this Agreement.

1. Prices and terms of payment
A. All prices are per person in Swiss Francs. Prices in Euro are guide values ​​and are adjusted to the respective day's rate.
B. The costs are to be paid before the start of the trip. Exceptions are granted only after written agreement with the company Wasserchraft GmbH. In this case, the invoice must be paid no later than 10 days after receipt of the invoice.

2. Complaints
If the service provided does not correspond to the description issued by the company WasserchRaft, you must submit your complaint in writing within 30 days after the execution.

3. Liability
A. Funyak, Riverrafting and Canyoning is not listed as a risk type by SUVA. Nevertheless, a certain residual risk can never be excluded in an outdoor sport. By registering, you expressly acknowledge these dangers and confirm that there is sufficient insurance coverage: Participation is at your own risk. All our offers are certified by “ISO 21101” Norm and meet the requirements of the Federal Law on Mountain Climbing and offer further risk activities.
B. Liability is limited to direct damage. For program changes due to train delays or the like. No liability is assumed. In particular, we shall not be liable for changes in the travel program, e.g. To force majeure, strikes, natural catastrophes, official measures or delays and failures of third parties, for which Wasserchaft GmbH is not responsible.
C. Accidents and illnesses: In the event of death, personal injury or illness caused by WasserchRaft GmbH or its partners, Wasserchraft or the partner company is only liable for direct damage. In the case of liability in connection with transport companies (railway, bus companies, etc.), the compensation claims are limited to the amounts resulting from the applicable international agreements or national laws.
D. Insurance: WasserchRAaft GmbH and the partner companies have comprehensive liability insurance. Apart from that, the travel participants and their belongings and assets are not insured by Wasserchraft GmbH. We recommend you to ensure sufficient accident and property insurance. WasserchRaft GmbH assumes no liability for the loss of valuables, cash, jewelery, photo / video equipment, etc. In addition, no liability is assumed for loss of baggage or damage during transportation by WasserchRArt GmbH or its partner companies.
E. Each participant is obligated to sign a waiver before taking up an offer from WasserchRaft GmbH or its partners. If the signature is refused, WasserchRaft GmbH can exclude the participant from a program. In the case of minors, the accompanying supervisor may sign or have a written consent from their parents.

4. Annulment or modification by you
A. If you are unable to make the trip after you have made a booking (or wish to make a change or change your booking), you must notify WasserchRAaft GmbH.
B. Processing Fee: For each amendment of a booking confirmed by us orally or in writing, WasserchRaft GmbH may charge a processing fee: CHF 20.00 per person (max CHF 40.00 per order); For group travel from 10 persons: CHF 100.00 per order.
C. To cover our expenses, we charge the following cancellation costs in addition to the processing fee:
14-4 days before departure: 30%
3-1 days before departure: 50%
On the day of departure, in case of non-arrival or late arrival 100% of the package price will be charged.

5. Annulments or changes by us
A. We reserve the right to change the booked program in unforeseen circumstances (for example weather-related safety precautions) in your interest. At the same time, we endeavor to provide equivalent replacement services.
B. There is a minimum number of participants in all programs. If this is not achieved, WasserchRaft GmbH can cancel the excursion concerned by 6.00 pm on the evening before the start of the journey.
C. If a program for reasons of force majeure (eg natural catastrophes, weather conditions which, for safety reasons, do not allow the execution of the program), due to official measures, etc., can not be commenced from the point of view of WasserchRaft GmbH or its partner companies

6. Jurisdiction
Swiss law applies to the legal relationship between you and WasserchRArt GmbH. The exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the city of Ilanz shall be agreed for actions against WasserchRaft GmbH.

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