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Raftguide Course: Living your dream !

We are delighted to introduce you to the wonderful world of wild water.
Raftguide training is aimed for athletic, responsible people who love working with people and who enjoy working in nature. In these 6 days and 2 more days, you will learn all the basics for safely guiding a rafting boat on the river.

Basic course 6 days:
Monday, May 6th (9:00 am) to Saterday May 11th, 2024 (about 6:00 pm)
Crash Course 2 days:
Monday June 3th (9 am) to Tuesday June 4th 2024 (circa 6 pm)

Where ?
Raftbase Wasserchraft Ilanz
Sleeping room, shower and toilets are available (bring a sleeping bag).

Conditions ?
18 Year, good physical condition, good swimming skills and a dose of enthusiasm and motivation. Language skills in German and English. Knowledge of kayak, climbing and the handling of rope and knots are advantageous but not condition for the participation.

Requirements for the examination of the SOA Raftguide 1:

. proof of training

. logbook with min 5 riverruns with guests, assistance trips

. CPR and First Aid or Samariter

Focus on content?
. Curricular theory
. Control technology in the raft
. Driving technique with raft (offensive and defensive)
. Maneuvers such as stopping, sweeping water, traverses, spins, shafts and rollers, ...
. Safety and paddle talk
. Wild-water swimming, self-rescue
. Handling of throwing bag, rescue throwing bag
. Groups lead and communication on the river
. Flip in the standing waters, wrap
. Safety Prevention
. Organization of a trip
. Paddle signals, flow signals
. Legal requirements and regulations for rafting

Teaching methods?
The practical contents are taught on the boat and on various rivers. The theoretical part takes place in our comfortable base in Ilanz. Theory and practice alternate so that a complete picture and a professional attitude to this responsible job is created. They learn to guide customers, to control the raft precisely and versatile, and to read the flow.


The course includes a certificate and a grading sheet on the candidate's level.
This training is guided by professional guides, who have a long-term, international experience in conducting commercial tours.

Basic course:
750 CHF / person 
Crash Course:
250 CHF / person

More info ?
+41 (0) 81 936 07 40 or mail to

Examination Riverrafting Guide I: Lütschine at Interlaken or Vorderrhein in Ilanz
Our 6-day training course and 2-day crash course are ideal preparation courses for the examination by the Swiss Outdoor Association.

Wednesday June 12th 2024, 9 am - about 6 pm

Approval requirements:
18 years old, completed CPR-training (Attention: Nothelfer is not a CPR course!), Proof of training or logbook with completed assistance trips.

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